TUERCAS SAGARRA S.A.L. Is a manufacturer of cold stamped nuts and special parts.

More than 60 years of experience and the flexibility provided by the design and manufacturing of our own tooling, become Tuercas Sagarra a capable company to satisfy in an optimal way whatever necessity required by our customers.

A high number of companies of different sectors such as automotive, electrification, home-appliances, etc., have taken part of these advantages trusting on Tuercas Sagarra To get solutions


Our company is mainly formed by young people that joining the experience showed along the last years, allow us to offer a wider range of products.

R + D

Our team is formed and highly experienced to fulfil the exigencies of our customers in terms of product and service.

Our Quality System according to ISO 9001:2008 is certified by AENOR since 2002.


We dispose of the essential technical means to manufacture our own products, from the raw material treatment to the final shipment:

  1. Pickling, Phosphating and calibrating at Factory.
  2. Stamping machines.
  3. Threading machines.
  4. Nut metallic deformation machine (stoverizing)???
  5. Washing Installation / protection on pieces
  6. 100 % automatic sorting machine.
  7. Heat treatment and coating are made by homologated and certified companies by the automotive industry.